Cover of the November 1946 Farmers Magazine

2016-17 Board Members

We would like to welcome the new Executives and Directors to our team for the 2016-17 year.

President – Debbie Brydges

1st Vice President – Cathy Gayton

2nd Vice President – Glen Brydges

Homecraft President – Betty Renaud

Homecraft Vice President – Marilyn Snedden

Secretary – Alyssa Toshack

Treasurer – Violaine Pilote

Past President – Glen Syme


Directors of our Board

Glen Brydges                   Debbie Villeneuve

Duncan Abbott             Donna Carpenter

Betty Renaud                   Calvin Toshack

Glen Syme                          Elaine Brydges

Marilyn Snedden          Jim Cavanagh

Debbie Brydges             Sandra McManus

Alyssa Toshack               Cathy Gayton

Dianna Nanne               Jeff Gayton

Pat Tiley                            Nancy Dupuis