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Some Very Exciting News!

     As a third generation member of the North Lanark Agricultural Society Board of Directors I’m aware of the history of the Society and what has been contributed to the community over the last 159 years. Over the years, our grounds featured many buildings, some are gone, others displaced and some still standing. The oldest building which is still standing 152 years later is the Agricultural Hall. The original hall was built in 1865 and in 1868 due to heavy snow the roof collapsed. In 1869 the present Agricultural Hall was rebuilt. Over the years, the Agricultural Hall has undergone numerous repairs including refurbishing the front, the roof and relocation of the bathrooms.
     During the open season (May to October) the Agricultural Hall is utilized for many events such as weddings, dances, craft and artisan markets. The grounds itself hosts many major events yearly such as the Flea Market, Bus Fusion, Almonte Fair, Car Toot Bingo and many more entertaining activities.
     For Canada’s 150th birthday, the Ontario Trillium Foundation offered a grant to help keep the Canadian Heritage strong. In 2016, the Board applied for the OTF grant towards repairs to the exterior of the Agricultural Hall. Just prior to Christmas we received exciting news that we were successful and had been awarded the funds needed to complete the project.
     A condition of the grant requires us to match a third of the funds which we have done.  With fundraising through the past few years we are now happy to report that all the money we raised and all the money that was kindly donated will be put to great use! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us for this major project. The Agricultural Hall will finally be restored to its beauty, leaks will be fixed, windows replaced and balcony refreshed.
     As we continue to fundraise for ongoing improvements in the Agricultural Hall and on the grounds, we hope that you will continue to support us.  Some of our upcoming events are Almonte Ladies Night, May 12th, Truck and Tractor Pull, May 27th and the Spring Dance, June 3rd. These and more events will help us provide a venue for future events and memories.
     For further information please go to our website

2016-17 Board Members

We would like to welcome the new Executives and Directors to our team for the 2016-17 year.

President – Debbie Brydges

1st Vice President – Cathy Gayton

2nd Vice President – Glen Brydges

Homecraft President – Betty Renaud

Homecraft Vice President – Marilyn Snedden

Secretary – Alyssa Toshack

Treasurer – Violaine Pilote

Past President – Glen Syme


Directors of our Board

Glen Brydges                   Debbie Villeneuve

Duncan Abbott             Donna Carpenter

Betty Renaud                   Calvin Toshack

Glen Syme                          Elaine Brydges

Marilyn Snedden          Jim Cavanagh

Debbie Brydges             Sandra McManus

Alyssa Toshack               Cathy Gayton

Dianna Nanne               Jeff Gayton

Pat Tiley                            Nancy Dupuis

Annual General Meeting – November 16th 7:30pm

Location: The Almonte General Hospital – Board Room

Our general meeting is out start to the next year.  We pick our executives and directors. Our Accountant talk about our financials for the past year.  We also discuss all old and new things to come.

All members are welcome and anyone interested in joining are encouraged to join us.

If you have any questions please email or call any of its members


The Fun Zone at the Almonte Fair

The Education Barn will be full of fun for the kids and families on Saturday!  Everyone is welcome to play the games with their kids and see the family entertainment.   There will be Milk Can Ring Toss, Crafts, Trains, Cars, Chalk, and more to see when you get there.