CLASS 11: Special Needs

CLASS 11: Special Needs
CHAIRPERSON: Jennifer Villeneuve (613) 256-1586

Entries accepted at main hall on Thursday July 13, 2017 from 3-10pm
Exhibits are to be picked up on Sunday, July 16, 2017 from 4-5pm

Note to Exhibitors:
• There is no age limit for this class
• This section is open to anyone with a physical or developmental disability.

PRIZE MONEY: 1st $6; 2nd $5; 3rd $4
Junior Division (18 and under)
1. Homemade Christmas Decoration
2. Homemade jewellery
3. Decorate a Flower Pot
4. Make a boat out of recycled materials
5. Make a Canada Flag, any media

Senior Division (19 and over)
6. Collage, using any red colour (8½” X 11”)
7. Article using fabric and/or yarn, any media
8. Article made from recycled material
9. Make a Canada Flag, any media
10. Decorated picture frame, any theme

—- Gramma's Kitchen —-  North Lanark Agricultural Society