CLASS 21: Light Horse

CLASS 21: Light Horse
CHAIRPERSON: Abby & Kristy Ferrill
Abby 613-282-0452
Krisy 613-301-8088


Tips for Exhibitors:
• Show will start Saturday, July 15, 2017 at 9:00 am
• No Coggins required.
• Entries can be mailed, or emailed to NLAS. Please include proof of insurance and entry fee. No ring numbers will be given until fee has been paid.
• Policy for Livestock Exhibitors
All entries need to be submitted to the Secretary by July 2. Gate Admission Regulations: Livestock truck and driver – FREE. All others pay normal admission. Livestock competition exhibitors will be mailed their passes when entry forms are received in the office by July 2. As has been the policy of the fair, Livestock truck and driver will be admitted to the fair FREE. All others must have a pass or pay. If anyone requires more passes, they must contact the committee chair.
• Prize money will not paid at ringside day of the event. Entry fee and membership will be deducted according to Rules & Regulations of NLAS
• No Stallions allowed on the grounds.
• No coaching from the rails.

1st $15; 2nd $12; 3rd $10; 4th $8; 5th $6; 6th $5
Ribbons to 6th place in all sections
1. Showmanship – horse or pony, handler 12 years and under
2. Showmanship – horse or pony, handler 13 to 17 years
3. Showmanship – horse or pony, handler 18 and over
4. Junior Leadline – English or Western – walk only – for riders not entered in a trot class. Must be led by an adult
5. Junior Leadline Game – English or Western – for riders not entered in a trot class – must be led by an adult.
6. Junior Walk/Trot – English or Western – for riders not entered in a canter class.
7. Senior Walk/Trot – English or Western – for riders not entered in a canter class.
8. Junior Walk/Trot Game – E/W for riders not entered in a canter class.
9. Jr. English Pleasure – ponies 14.2 hands & under
10. Jr. English Pleasure (horses 14.2 hands and over)
11. Senior English Pleasure
12. Open Pair Class – English or Western – walk trot only. Entry fee required for each rider. Prize awarded for each rider.
13. Junior English Equitation–ponies 14.2 hands and under
14. Junior English Equitation–horses 14.2 hands and over
15. Senior English Equitation
16. Junior Western Pleasure
17. Senior Western Pleasure
18. Junior Western Horsemanship
19. Senior Western Horsemanship
20. Open Pleasure Driving, Pony or Horse
21. Junior Hunter over fences (jump 2`)
22. Senior Hunter over fences (jump 2`)
23. Junior Equitation over fences (jumps 2`)
24. Senior Equitation over fences (jumps 2`)
25. Open Ride-A-Two Bareback–no entry fee. Bring your toonie and give it to the ring steward and you will receive a paper. Rider who keeps their paper the longest wins. This is a walk, trot, canter class. No prize money awarded.
26. Open Costume Class–may use lead line
27. Open Apple Dunk

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