CLASS 24: Sheep

CLASS 24: Sheep
CHAIRPERSON: Tanya Boyd (613) 229-4752
See “Rules & Regulations of NLAS”.
Tips for Exhibitors:
• Entry fee is 15% of prize money.
• SHOW TIME: Saturday, July 15/17 at 10:30am in Big Red Barn
• All classes except Leicester and North Country Cheviot must show in short fleece, less than 1” (2.5 cm) staple.
• Each breed must be shown separately and have at least three (3) exhibitors and at least 12 animals; otherwise only one-half of the prize money will be awarded.
• All purebred exhibits must be owned by and registered in the name of the exhibitor.
• Box stalls will be available to all exhibitors.
• Only six (6) sheep for four (4) classes per breed per owner. (Double up on two classes per breed).
• Policy for Livestock Exhibitors
All entries need to be submitted to the Secretary by July 2.
Gate Admission Regulations: Livestock truck and driver – FREE. All others pay normal admission. Livestock competition exhibitors will be mailed their passes when entry forms are received in the office by July 2. As has been the policy of the fair, Livestock truck and driver will be admitted to the fair FREE. All others must have a pass or pay. If anyone requires more passes, they must contact the committee chair.
PRIZE MONEY Sections 1 to 6:
1st $20; 2nd $18; 3rd $16; 4th $14; 5th $10
Breeds: 1. Suffolk; 2. Oxford; 3. Dorset;
4. North Country Cheviot; 5. Southdown; 6. Any Other Breed

1. Ewe yearling (3rd pair of temporary incisors must be in place) born and bred in Canada.
2. Ewe (1st paid of temporary incisors must be in place)
CHAMPION EWE: Ribbon only.
3. Ram yearling (3rd paid of temporary incisors must be in place).
4. Ram (1st pair of temporary incisors must be in place)
CHAMPION RAM: Ribbon only.
5. Get of Sire (born property of exhibitor): A group of 3 animals (1st pair of temporary incisors must be in place) by the same sire. Both sexes may be represented. (Animals may or may not have been shown in previous sections.)
6. Breeder’s Flock (bred and owned by the exhibitor). A group of 4 animals. Both sexes are to be represented. Each animal in the group must have been exhibited in one of the preceding sections. All animals in a group to be of one breed.

PREMIER BREEDER: For most points accumulated in Sections 1 – 6 –
Trophy donated by Canadian Co-operative Wool Growers Ltd.

COMMERCIAL SHEEP – F1 or Mixed Breeds
PRIZE MONEY Sections 7 to 12:
1st $18; 2nd $16; 3rd $14; 4th $12; 5th and out $10
7. Ram Lamb
8. Ram
9. Ewe Lamb – less than 1 year old.
10. Ewe Yearling – 1 year old.
11. Ewe – 2 years or older that raised a lamb in 2015 –
Grand Champion: Gift Certificate from Mr. BEEF, Pakenham
12. Market lamb – market weight. IF number of entries are up in Market Lamb Class, will split to size for judging.

Saturday, July 18/15 at 9:30am near the Horse Barn.
NOTE: Not more than 1 entry in each section by an exhibitor.
Exhibitors MUST RESIDE in Lanark County OR be a 4-H Member.
1st $20; 2nd $18; 3rd $15; 4th $13; 5th $10; 6th and out $5
13. Best Single Lamb, market weight.
Trophy donated by Almonte Tru Country & Garden
14. Best Pen of 3 Lambs, market weight.
15. Novice Showmanship – any age, first year showing.
16. Junior Showmanship – children 12 and under. Lambs born after March 31, 2015 are eligible. Trophy donated by Ross’s Sheep Shearing, Clayton, Ontario.
17. Senior Showmanship – children 13 and over. Lambs born in 2015 are eligible. Trophy donated by Arnold Polk Apiaries – Pakenham, Ontario

$5 per entry and Ribbon
18. Lamb (under 3 months of age) shown by child 6 years & under.

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