Historical Pictures

Only a few pictures of the fair grounds in it;s early days have been found. Below is a collection of those pictures If you have any pictures of the fair grounds or events on the fair grounds we would appreciate an opportunity to get a copy of them.

Flooded Old Wooden Arch Entrance       1983 Picture of the Fair from Balcony
1982 Fair with Musical Ride                      Event at the fair grounds
First School Fair around 1915                  Cover from Farmers Magazine 1946
Farmer’s Fall Fairs with 1894 picture       Over the river view
Race Track                                               1965 Painting of the Fair 
Eight Horse Hitch                                      Entrance Arch
Busy Fair Grounds 1906                           Mr. Dickey at the Fair
Fair grounds                                              View from the Tower
Agricultural Hall                                         View of Hall and Grandstand
Viewed from China Mission                      Hall on copper plate
View of Race Track                                  1894 Fair Grounds
Crazy Quilt with 1905 Judges Ribbon (Located in lower left corner)

July 13,14,15 2018