This year sure is crazy, but the planning for next year’s fair will begin soon. We thank you for your on going support and can’t wait to see you in person next year. Have a wonderful summer!

Scavenger Hunt

Here is your scavenger hunt questions. Email when you have completed all the tasks and send in your pictures and answers. If you have any questions please ask. Make sure you social distance on any questions outside your home. Have fun and a winner will be chosen in a week. The deadline for entries is July 25th, 2020.

Happy Hunting!

There are so many events and activities at the fair each day.  In the Agricultural Hall, we host the Homecraft Displays where people like yourself enter your crafts and creations.  It takes everyone a year to prepare their amazing talents and I bet some of you had been ready for this years display.  Even if it wasn’t for the fair, let’s see what you have been making.  Maybe you can enter them next year.
Have a terrific Wednesday!

Just like when you are at the fair, you can talk to the farmers. Today you can ask this farmer about anything related to dairy farming and the milk process. He is awaiting your questions?
Have a great Tuesday!

This would have been the start of the set up to the 162nd Almonte Fair. We aren’t able to celebrate together this year, but we have a full week of interesting facts, and activities to bring us all together, virtually. Have a wonderful Monday!