2018 Sponsors

The Directors of the North Lanark Agricultural Society wish to thank the following people, businesses and organizations for their donations in 2018 towards our special events, fair prizes, trophies, materials, expenses and repairs/renovations to the buildings and grounds.

Wes Zacharuk                                    Bill Villeneuve
County Cab                                          Sis ‘n Bro
Ryno Motors                                       Tim’s Carpentry
Rod & Donna Carpenter               Debbie Villeneuve
Napa Auto Parts                                 M & P Farm Equipment
Grenville Mutual                                Ottawa Valley Seed Growers           Carlson Wagonlit Travel                Ramsay Women’s Institute
Wyss Diesel                                          Beef on a Bun
Hamilton Livestock                          Jim Paul
Jim Lowry                                               Nancy Dupuis
Almonte Horticulture Society   Orchard View by the Mississippi
CP Horticulture Society                Helen Halpenny
Marilyn Snedden                                Audrey Syme
Mimi Edmonson                                 Pakenham Horticulture Society
Coady’s Car Care                               Evelyn Wheeler
JWK Utilities                                        Custom Welding
Dave Drummond                                5 Span Feed & Seed
Reid Bros                                                 Bean Chevrolet
Wes Zacharuk                                      Laurysen Kitchen
Kinburn Farm Supply                       Perth Motors
Stittsville Trailer                                 Cavanagh Construction
Elliot Farm                                              Stinson
Trans Tank                                              Travis Drummond
Kim Edwards                                         Lee Plumbing
Deugo Home Services                     KBR Screenprinting
Corcann                                                   Deugo Pumpkin & Gourds
Levi Home Hardware                       Prior Engagements
SMR Electric                                          New Age Automotive
Melissa Hamilton                                Almonte Chiropractic Centre
Reid & Associates                               Ottawa’s Finest Values
Don’s Meat Market                            Wigney Homes
Kate Dawes                                             Rising Sun Yoga Studio
Bill Bolger Construction                  Aruma
John O’Neil Auctioneer                   Mt Pakenham
Beckwith Berries                                Canadian Tire Centre
A & D Firewood                                   Babycakes Bakery