CLASS 12: Friends Competition

Chairperson: Donna Carpenter 613-614-4014

Rules and Regulations

See “Rules and Regulations of the NLAS”

Tips for Exhibitors:

⦁    Choose 7 of the 10 following

⦁    Space allowed to fill out 3’x3′, no higher than 36” above the table top

⦁    Remember to use this year’s theme, all categories have been chosen with this year’s theme in mind, when possible, your entries should include the theme

⦁    Provide a sign with the group’s identity in it (ie. Santa’s Helpers)

1. Banana loaf ( 1 mini or ½ large)

2. Mixed fruit jam

3. Photo incorporating the theme

4. Sew a clothes pin bag

5. Needle point using theme

6. Craft incorporating a solar light

7. Welcome sign

8. Flowers planted in boot(s)

9. Lap blanket

10. Wooden toy barn.

July 19, 20, 21 2019 Backyards and Barnyards