CLASS 5: Crafts

Chairperson: Donna Carpenter (613) 614-4014

See “Rules and Regulations of the N.L.A.S.”

Tips for Exhibitors:

Please attach sample material or yarn to each entry tag,

with a *!


Increase in prize money:

1st $8, 2nd $6 & 3rd $5

1.Any other craft not listed from 2-33

2. Two different homemade party favours.

3. A wind chime.

4. A tooth fairy pillow, any shape or size. *

5. An article made of duct tape.

6. Wall hanging, original design, any medium.

7. An article including a solar light.

8. Hostess gift. *

9. An article of macramé.

10. An article suitable for a bazaar, kitchen theme.*

12. An article suitable for a bazaar, other than a kitchen theme.*

12. Welding art.

13. Pallet art.

14. An article made with paper mache, no bigger than 20”.

15. Homemade jewellery set, min. of two pieces boxed or mounted.

16. Decorated painting on wood, metal or canvas using theme.

17. Garden decoration.

18. An article of traditional rug hooking, any shape or size.*

19. A craft using mason jar(s) to make a useful item.

20. Pet accessory any medium.

21. Four (4) coasters, any medium.

22. A memo board no bigger than 30”.

23. Plastic canvas article.*


24. A Christmas door decoration.*

25. A Christmas stocking.*

26. Two (2) Christmas ornaments, mounted or hanging from a stand.*

27. A group of Christmas trees, at least 3, any medium.*

28. A nativity scene, any medium.*


29. A pencil or pen sketch.

30. A watercolour, any medium.

31. Oil painting, any medium.

32. Paint by number.

33. A tole painting, any theme.

July 17th, 18th, 19th, 2020 Milk: Why is it so special