Almonte Fair Passes – GO ON SALE FRIDAY AUGUST 11th

Almonte Fair Passes – GO ON SALE FRIDAY AUGUST 11th

🎟🎡Our fair is back in September!! September 8, 9, & 10


Daily admission includes on-grounds admission, midway rides, all shows and entertainment as listed on

$25 Children under the age of 2 (NOT riding midway rides) PRICELESS

Daily admission is sold until 10pm each day.


Weekend passes will only be sold until September 7.


Flash Sale Tickets are available August 11 – August 18

Online at

In person at the Fairgrounds (for 3 days only!) CASH ONLY

Ag Hall (195 Water St, Almonte)

Saturday August 12, 10am-2pmAg Hall (195 Water St, Almonte)

Sunday August 13, 10am-2pm

Grandstand Wednesday August 16, 6pm-9pm


Weekend $55

RCMP Musical Ride Postponed

RCMP Musical Ride postponed until August 4.

Despite this week’s sunny forecast, the flooding on the fairgrounds is too much for the ride to happen as planned on Friday May 12. This is not the news we were hoping for, but safety of the animals and riders is important.

On Friday August 4, the RCMP Musical Ride will be here!
All tickets purchased for the May 12 show will be valid for the new August date.

2023 Horticulture Prize List

CLASS 1: Horticulture

CHAIRPERSON: Marilyn Snedden (613) 256-3130

Committee:Toby Barratt,Audrey Syme, Cindy Zorgel,Helen Halpenny




Entries accepted at main hall between 3 and 10 pm on Thursday, Sept.7, 2023

Exhibits are to be picked up between 4:00 & 5:00pm on Sunday, Sept.10, 2023

Tips for Exhibitors:

Root vegetables-tops trimmed to 1”.

Vegetables should be carefully brushed, not washed.

Vegetables exhibited on paper plates.

All vegetables & specimen flowers must be grown by the exhibitor.

Potted plants must have been cared for by the exhibitor for at least 3 months.

Hanging baskets & planters must have been in care of exhibitor for at least 3 months

Material for floral design may be obtained from any source

Specimen Vegetables

Prize Money 1st-$4   2nd $3  3rd $1

13  Carrots 
23  Beets 
33 Onions, yellow 
43 Onions, any other colour 
51 Cabbage 
63 Cucumbers, green 
73 Sweet Peppers, Bell type 
83 Sweet Peppers, Banana type 
93 Peppers, hot 
103 Tomatoes, red, calyx attached 
115 Tomatoes, plum type, calyx attached 
122 Squash, acorn 
132 Squash, Butternut 
142 Squash, zucchini 
152 Pie pumpkins 
161 Pumpkin, field type 
171 Melon, any type 
183 Garlic Bulbs, stems trimmed to 1/2” 
195 Potatoes any colour ,variety named 
21   22   23 24   25 26
Any other root vegetable,
3 specimens 2 corn cobs,2 of same variety,1/3 husked Leafy greens,3 varieties,1stem of each, shown n water  Kale,1 stem, shown in water Collection of herbs, at least 3 varieties, named, shown in water Apples,3 of the same variety Largest Pumpkin, by girth    
27Special: My Garden’s Best- Prizes 1st $10, 2nd $8, 3rd $6 

A Display of home grown produce that may include edible flowers and herbs. Quality & Condition 60%,Artistic Design 40%


1st – $2.00 2nd – $1.50 3rd – $1.25 and 4th – $1.00

JUNIORS – 9 and under

28   Any 3 root vegetables, tops trimmed to 1”

29  Any 3 kinds of vegetables 2 of each

30  Your favorite flower 3 stems or blooms

31  Any 3 flowers 1 of each variety

32  Bouquet for Grandma-flowers in a vase

 33  Special for Juniors: The MISSISSIPPI MONSTER:

          Prizes 1st $5; 2nd $4; 3rd $3; 4th $2.  Applies to Classes 33 & 39.

              A vegetable critter made of fresh produce which may be cut. Toothpicks only may be used to secure parts (must be hidden).  No larger than 18” in diameter. 

Specimen Flowers


1st $4; 2nd $3; 3rd $2

40  Zinnias, 5cm(2”) or over, 3 blooms

41  Zinnias, less than 5cm (2”), 5 blooms

42  Calendula, 5 blooms

43  Marigolds, less than 7.5 cm (3”), 3stems

44  Sunflowers, 1 stem, not to exceed 40 cm(18”) above container rim

45  Rose, 1 specimen bloom

46  Rose, single bloom with foliage in a rose bowl

47  Rose, 1 spray, floribunda or grandiflora

48  Rose, 1 miniature spray

49  Rose, 1 miniature bloom

50  Gladiolus, any colour, 1 spike

51  Gladiolus 3 spikes

52  Hosta , any colour,3 leaves

53  Collection of Hosta leaves

54  Celosia ,3 stems

55  Sedum, 3 stems

56  Rudbeckia, 3 blooms

57  Dahlias, under 7.5 cm(3”) 3 blooms

58  Dahlias over 7.5 cm(3”)

59  Cosmos ,3 sprays

60  Amaranthus, 1 stem, not to exceed 60 cm)24”above rim

61  Hydrangea, 1 stem, not to exceed 40 cm.(16”) above rim

62  Fruiting branch, any kind, 1 stem, not to exceed 40cm (16”)     above rim of container

63 Collection of grasses,,at least 3 varieties, named

64 3 stems of one variety of annuals, not listed above, named

65 stems of one variety of perennials, not listed above, named

66 Collection of annuals, not listed above, at least 3 varieties, named

67 Collection of perennials, not listed above, at least 3 varieties, named

Potted Plants

68  Any cacti or succulents.

69  African Violet, 1 crown

70  Any other flowering plant

71  Any foliage plant

71  Geranium (pelagorium), any type,1 or more in a pot

73  Planter or hanging basket – at least 3 varieties of plants

74  Ivy or ivy-type vine

75  Begonia-any flowering type in bloom, 1 or more in pot


THEME:” “Farming, Food & Fun”


1st $10; 2nd $6; 3rd $ 4

76  “ Fall Feast” a mass design featuring fruit, vegetables & flowers

77  “Bicentennial Tribute”  an interpretive design

78  “Back to School’ a small design

79   “Harvest Party” a centerpiece for a picnic table

80   “ Take a Walk on the Wild Side” a design of natural materials found in            the wild

81   “Bountiful Fields” a pave design

82  “Along the Fence Line” a parallel design

83   “Connections” a satellite design

84    “Fair Time”  a miniature design

85      “Rural Roots” a design with visible use of water


Mass: A design using a large quantity of material arranged with a closed silhouette, having few or no voids

Interpretive : A design where a given theme, idea, occasion, mood, atmosphere, etc. is suggested by the selection and organization of the design elements.

 Small:  A design from 5 1/2 -10”(13.9 cm-25.4cm)-must not exceed 10” in any direction.

Pave:  A design placing groups of plant material that have been cut short to form undulating mounds of colours, textures, shapes and sizes in a flat container not to exceed 40 cm(18”) in any direction

Parallel: A design in which 3 or more groupings are placed in a parallel manner with open spacing between the groupings. Parallel direction may be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal .Design is in 1 container or more, combined to appear as one unit.

Satellite: A design with a main unit and a smaller unit of the same colour, form & texture that do not touch but have a connective line between the units.

Miniature : A design not to exceed 12.7cm (5”) in any dimension, including container, base and accessories.

Visible Use of Water:  A design including water clearly visible -may be water viewing or underwater.

Thank you to all our sponsors who donated to this show. Please support our local  businesses. 

Carleton Place Nurseries- A Gift certificate for the exhibitor with the highest points in  Class 1

Other Sponsors

 Almonte & District Horticultural Society, Carleton Place & District Horticultural Society. Pakenham & District Horticultural Society, Helen Halpenny, Marilyn Snedden, Toby Barratt, Audrey Syme, Cindy Zorgel

Update on RCMP Musical Ride Tickets

An update on RCMP Musical Ride tickets. How and where to get them.

Online sales are still available.

Advance In person tickets will be available THIS Saturday May 6 from volunteers who will be setup at Jonsson’s Your Independent Grocer from 10am-3pm. One day only. Please bring cash.

A limited number of tickets will be held at the gate for day of sales.

The NLAS can not wait to officially open the grounds for the season with this World Famous event.

For help with tickets, send us a PM or email

Get ready, Almonte / Mississippi Mills, the RCMP Musical Ride is coming to town! 

Join us for a fun-filled, family event on Friday May 12. What better way to celebrate the town’s bicentennial than with the RCMP’s first ride of the season!

BBQ starts at 5pm, Show to follow, starting at 6pm. Advance tickets will be available soon, stay tuned.

All proceeds support the Almonte Fair. 

Learn more:

Please go to to purchase online tickets